What is the principle of two-color injection molding?


Two-color injection molding processing principle: 1. Th […]

Two-color injection molding processing principle:
1. The two shapes of the front mold are different, and one product is formed separately, while the two shapes of the back mold are exactly the same.

2. The nozzle of the three-plate mold is designed to automatically release the mold, so it will be more convenient to work. Special attention should be paid to whether the demoulding action of the soft glue nozzle is reliable.

3. The front and back molds of the mold are rotated 180 degrees around the center, and the front and back must be ensured to be anastomosed when rotating. This inspection must be carried out during work, because it requires the height positioning of the template. The total thickness of the front template plus A plate shall not be less than 170 mm. This should carefully check the model of the injection molding machine and other reference data.

4. When designing the second injection molding master, in order to avoid the secondary master mold from scratching the glue position of the first molded product, a part can be designed to avoid the gap. However, the strength of each sealant must be carefully considered, that is, whether the plastic will deform under high injection pressure during injection molding, which may lead to the possibility of a second injection molding batch.

5. In the injection molding, the size of the first injection molding product can be slightly larger, because it can be tightly pressed with another male mold in the second molding to achieve the sealing function. And pay attention to the second injection, is the flow of plastic impulsive for the first molded product, and is the position of the plastic deformed? If possible, we must find ways to improve.

6. Before the A and B plates are closed, pay attention to whether the front mold slider or the inclined top will reset and crush the product first. Therefore, we must find a way to clamp the A and B boards first, and then the front module slider. Or tilt the top to reset. The water delivery arrangement of the two front and rear molds is as sufficient as possible, and the balance is the same.