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Founded in 2009, we are mainly engaged in production, design, manufacture, maintenance and sales.

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we are enterprising and realistic, rigorous and united, with constantly innovative design, taking technology as our core.

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Sincerely to provide you with high-quality new mine products and meticulous after-sales service.

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Jiangsu Xinlei Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Founded in 2009, is a

China dustbin mold manufacturers and crate mold suppliers

, we are located in Yancheng Economic Development Zone, a national economic development zone. Our company is mainly engaged in the development, design and manufacture of automotive interior and exterior trim parts, household appliances and high-end daily necessities. Our company has a rapid rise in the field of injection molds thanks to rich design concept in the field of injection molds and process of molding, exquisite workmanship, modern machining centers and perfect teams.

Relying on continuous innovation and development, and constantly providing customers with satisfactory products and services is the constant pursuit of Xinlei people...

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Enterprise Purpose: Prevent defects, continuous improvement, ensure trust, customer satisfaction



Adding high-speed CNC, clamping machine and other processing of molding equipment,set up the testing room



We have a strong R&D team,and we can produce crate mold and other products according to the customers offered.



We have our own testing lab and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality.



We are support customization, can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.



We focus on developing high-quality dustbin mold for top-end markets, also will offer 7*24 hours service.

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Sincerely welcome foreign and domestic new/old customers to contact us for business negotiation, technical exchange and new dustbin mold,crate mold and other products development...

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Relying on continuous innovation and development, and constantly providing customers with satisfactory products and services.

What are the effects of injection molding production conditions on the product?

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What are the causes of injection molding defects?

Causes of defects in injection mold production of injection parts 1. The rubber compound is not fill...

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How to maintain the injection mold to keep it in good condition?

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What is the reason for cracking of injection molded products?

When the injection mold is produced, cracking occurs, including filamentous cracks on the surface of...

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What are the common polishing methods for injection molds?

In the production process of injection molds, polishing is an important process in the production pr...

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Xinlei Mould is enterprising rigorous and united, committed to constantly innovating design, taking technology as our core
quality as life, customers as God, and providing high-quality new process of molding.