What is the role of the spark machine in the injection mold processing process?


In the injection mold processing process, there are sev […]

In the injection mold processing process, there are several fixed processes that need to be used, including CNC machining, spark machining, etc., so today we will talk about what the spark machine is and what it is mainly for!

EDM machine, referred to as EDM, is a kind of mechanical processing equipment, mainly used for electric discharge machining, and is widely used in various metal molds. In the manufacture of mechanical equipment, it is a special processing method that uses the electro-erosion effect generated by the pulse discharge between the two poles immersed in the working fluid to erode the conductive material, which is called spot processing or electro-erosion processing.

The spark machine is mainly used to process molds and parts with complex shapes of holes and cavities, to process various conductive materials, such as cemented carbide and quenched steel, etc., to process deep and fine holes, heterosexual holes, deep grooves, narrow slits and Cutting slices, etc.: machining various forming tools, templates and threads and other tools.

Therefore, the spark machine is the most common in the processing procedure in the injection mold factory, and the processing of almost every mold needs to be processed by the spark machine. And because the spark machine is very advantageous in processing injection molds, because of its high efficiency and fast processing cycle!