What are the cutting technologies of injection molds?


In the processing of injection molds, in order to impro […]

In the processing of injection molds, in order to improve the accuracy of the parts, it is necessary to cut the injection molds. What are the cutting technologies related to injection molds?

1. Micro wire cutting technology is mainly used in small parts that are difficult to be processed by large machines. The electrode wire is relatively small tungsten wire. The weak discharge energy during processing has extremely high requirements on the pulse control system and machine tool accuracy. The parts processed by the micro wire cutting technology have extremely high precision and have better advantages in the processing of small parts.

2. Machine tool control, under normal circumstances, there are certain machining errors in the screw, nut, gear and other parts of the machine tool, and the surface roughness of the machine is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, new materials can be used to increase the precision and rigidity of the machine tool, and the machining accuracy of the machine tool can be improved as a whole.

3. Pulse power supply technology, real-time monitoring of pulse power supply parameters in the discharge state, and adjustment according to the situation, effectively reducing the probability of wire breakage and improving the efficiency of wire cutting processing. Accuracy is greatly improved.

4. Multi-cutting technology, in precision machining, cannot guarantee the direct success of one wire feed. At this time, multiple cutting processes are required. Today's cutting technology has advanced a lot, but there are still shortcomings, so there are many Areas that can be improved.

5. Intelligent control technology, using fuzzy control technology, expert system, and automatic control system to operate, define the processing object, set the performance and processing conditions of related parts, and the system will automatically generate processing procedures without manual programming. When a fault occurs, an alarm is issued in time, which improves the overall efficiency.