How to maintain the injection mold to keep it in good condition?


The main steps for injection mold maintenance: 1. Inves […]

The main steps for injection mold maintenance:
1. Investigate the maintenance life of the mold and carry out daily maintenance
2. Determine and implement the number of regular maintenance operations and maintenance priorities
3. Investigate accident maintenance within a certain period of time
4. Review the disposal situation in the accident maintenance content and record and learn from the experience, so as to facilitate the next implementation.

1. Daily maintenance:
Normal cleaning of the mold, spot inspection, and oil supply to the movable part. The purpose is to confirm that the injection mold is always in a normal state, and it can also facilitate our early detection of mold abnormalities.

2. Accident maintenance:
It is the state in which the mold is processed, and some changes occur, resulting in a state that can no longer be used, such as: the mold becomes larger, the size is wrong, scars occur during the production process, and parts in the mold are burned and attached. Therefore, when this type of abnormality occurs, the maintenance of the injection mold is called accident maintenance.

3. Regular maintenance:
It is planned maintenance, but it is necessary to master the maintenance items and control the maintenance time.

4. Improvement and maintenance:
The main purpose is to extend the life of the injection mold and increase the maintenance cycle.