What is the process of mold modification and mold modification?


After the injection mold is tested, the corresponding c […]

After the injection mold is tested, the corresponding changes are made according to the test conditions. In addition, after the engineer confirms the plastic parts, the structure of the plastic parts should also be changed accordingly. Since the mold has been made, all the changes are more troublesome, and sometimes even more difficult than rework, and the best way to change must be found according to the specific situation. For the structural design, the structural change must try to understand the situation of the mold, whether it is lucky, the thimble, how to change the most easily, etc., and then make relevant changes to the mold based on the relevant information.

Processing of cooling system:
The price of the cooling system (drilling and transporting water), the product generally requires that the front mold water transport needs to be processed when the first mold modification data is sent, and the rear mold water transport needs to be processed after the second mold modification data is issued. Whether it has a great impact on production, such as the production of PC material (the case where hot oil is required for molding), try to open it before the first mold trial.

Therefore, various situations should be considered in the structural design drawing stage, and the workload of mold modification should be reduced as much as possible, so that the opening of the water transport can operate normally, and the production size can be determined as soon as possible.

Modification of product structure:
Reinforced strips, added columns, and reworked the structure as inserts.
Add or subtract glue for native ribs, shift column, increase or decrease screw column, increase or decrease height, trim front, etc.