What is the role of the wire cutting process of the injection mold?


Injection molds need to go through large and small proc […]

Injection molds need to go through large and small processes, such as CNC machining, heat treatment, EDM machining, wire cutting, and so on. So today we are going to talk about the wire cutting process in the injection mold.

Injection mold wire cutting is the main processing method of die parts, and then it is very important to carry out a reasonable process analysis and correctly calculate the design wire trajectory of the electrode wire in the CNC programming. It is related to the machining accuracy of the mold. Then, through the determination of the wire hole and the optimization of the wire cutting route, the cutting process can be improved, which is an effective and important way to improve the quality and production efficiency of the wire cutting.

After the programming is completed, before the formal cutting process, the degree of programming should be checked and verified to determine its correctness. After the comparison, once the processing is started, it is wrong to find out that there is a problem with the compiled program. will cause certain losses to the company. Because it is not the same as the customer's requirements, then the processed injection mold parts are useless.