What are the consequences of too long polishing time during mold processing?


As we all know, plastic molds are indispensable support […]

As we all know, plastic molds are indispensable supporting products in the plastic processing industry. There is also a plastic molding machine, which can make the molds made with better structure, higher precision and high integrity, but because of the plastic mold processing methods and materials All are different, so the type and structure of the molds produced will not be the same.

In the process of plastic molds, the polishing step must be experienced, but if it is not handled properly, over-polishing will easily occur, making the processing quality of plastic molds unable to meet the standard.

The so-called over-polishing refers to the quality deterioration of the plastic mold surface due to the polishing time process, accompanied by defects such as orange peel and pits. Especially in the mechanical polishing process of plastic molds, such problems are more likely to occur.

What we call the irregularity and roughness of the orange peel on the plastic mold processing surface is mainly caused by excessive polishing pressure, long polishing time, and improper polishing method. Because individual users feel that the surface quality is not good, they will extend the polishing time, they think this is right, in fact, this is a wrong approach.

Plastic molds formed by non-metallic inclusions in the surface of micropits are usually hard and brittle oxides. When the polished steel surface is pulled out from the results, it will also reduce the quality of the plastic mold.