Selection of Pressure Parameters for Injection Molding Process(1)


Plasticizing pressure What is called plasticizing press […]

Plasticizing pressure
What is called plasticizing pressure? When using a screw-type injection molding machine, during the plastic melting and plasticizing process, the melt continuously moves to the front of the barrel, and more and more, a pressure is gradually formed to push the screw backward. . In order to prevent the screw from retreating too fast and to ensure that the melt is evenly compacted, it is necessary to provide the screw with a pressure in the opposite direction. The pressure that prevents the screw from backing is called plasticizing pressure, also called back pressure. The plasticizing pressure affects the plasticizing process, plasticizing effect and plasticizing ability of plastics.Under other conditions being the same, increasing the plasticizing pressure will increase the melt temperature and temperature uniformity, which is beneficial to the uniform mixing of colorants. It is beneficial to exclude the gas in the melt. However, increasing plasticizing pressure will reduce the plasticizing rate and prolong the molding cycle. In severe cases, it will lead to degradation of the plastic. Generally, the lower the plasticizing pressure, the better the quality of plastic parts is guaranteed.