How to optimize defects in injection mold processing?


When the injection mold is ordered to start processing […]

When the injection mold is ordered to start processing to T0 mold trial proofing, many processes need to be carried out, such as heat treatment, CNC machine processing, etc., then there will inevitably be more or less defects in this process, then we How to optimize the existing defects?

1. Reasonable use of cooling lubricants, cooling, cleaning, lubrication, keeping cooling and lubrication clean, so as to control the amount of cutting heat within the allowable range during processing and prevent thermal deformation of the workpiece.

2. The quenching stress of the injection mold after heat treatment should be minimized, because the workpiece undergoes phase transformation and is prone to cracks due to the quenching stress and grinding force of the networked carbonized structure. In order to eliminate the residual stress of grinding, the mold should be at a low temperature after grinding to reduce aging and improve toughness.