Basic requirements for injection mold manufacturing


1. High precision in processing and manufacturing The d […]

1. High precision in processing and manufacturing
The design and manufacture of injection molds must have high precision. The accuracy of injection molds is mainly determined by the accuracy requirements of the parts and the mold structure. In order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the parts, the precision of the working part of the mold is usually 2 to 4 higher than the precision of the part.
2, long service life
Injection molds are relatively expensive process equipment, and their service life will directly affect production costs. Therefore, in addition to special cases such as small batch production and new product trial production, molds are generally required to have a long service life. In the case of mass production, the service life of the mold is more important.
3, short production cycle
The length of the injection mold manufacturing cycle is mainly determined by the level of manufacturing technology and production management. In order to meet the production needs and improve the competitiveness of products, it is necessary to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle as much as possible under the premise of ensuring quality.
4, effectively reduce the cost of production
The cost of injection mold is related to the complexity of the mold structure, mold material, manufacturing precision and processing method. When designing and manufacturing the mold, it should be considered comprehensively according to the actual situation. The design process must be rationally designed according to the requirements of the parts. Efforts to reduce the manufacturing cost of injection molds and improve the competitiveness of products.