What preparations should be done before injection molding production?


Injection molding production is the last step in moldin […]

Injection molding production is the last step in molding injection parts. Before injection molding production, we need to do a lot of preparations to ensure that injection molding production is foolproof.

1: Preparation of plastic materials
1: Confirm the plastic material number/type according to the product drawing requirements;
2: If you need to use color masterbatch or toner, you need to confirm the color masterbatch or toner number and mixing ratio;
3: Confirm again whether the material of the barrel is correct;
4: Confirm the drying temperature and drying time of the plastic material according to the material properties and product requirements.

2: Plastic mold preparation
1: Confirm the number of the plastic injection mold;
2: Check whether the plastic injection mold has special structures such as inserts and cores;
3: Check whether the positioning ring, hot runner interface and the appearance of the mold are OK for the plastic injection mold;
4: Check the diameter and length of the water pipe, the length of the pressure plate, the length of the pressure plate bolt, the suspension bridge and other plastic injection mold accessories;
5: Check whether the nozzle of the mold matches the nozzle of the machine.

3: Injection molding machine preparation
1: Confirm whether the plastic injection mold can be correctly installed on the injection molding machine, including the maximum clamping force of the machine, the size of the mold, the thickness of the mold, the pumping function, the blowing device, etc.;
2: Whether the ejector pin of the injection molding machine and the injection mold are suitable;
3: Check whether the injection screw has been cleaned before this;
4: Check whether the mold temperature machine, manipulator, automatic mixer, and automatic suction machine can work normally: whether the manipulator fixture matches the mold;
5: Confirm the product drawings/samples produced by injection molding and understand important dimensions;
6: Preparation of other related tools.