What needs to be paid attention to in the CNC machine tool of the injection mold


First of all, of course, there are high requirements fo […]

First of all, of course, there are high requirements for the temperature, humidity, gas, etc. of the workplace. In the process of use, it is necessary to do a good job in the management of the CNC machine tools and formulate a reasonable maintenance system.

1. Workplace selection of injection mold CNC machine tools
Everyone knows the terrible nature of sunlight. When people are always exposed, they can turn black from heat and heat stroke. So our machines are the same, so we must avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation. Avoid places that are too humid or dusty. Stay away from equipment with high vibration, because the operation of the machine with high vibration will affect the operation system of the injection mold CNC machine tool, which will cause the internal parts to loosen and cause failure. Keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources to make the machine work stable.

2. Equipped with high-quality programming, operation and maintenance personnel.
The injection mold numerical control machine tool is a typical mechatronic product that integrates advanced technologies such as computer technology, automatic control technology, precision measurement technology and machine tool design. These are high-tech technologies, so the staff should have: 1. Should have a high sense of responsibility and good professional ethics. 2. Broader knowledge and diligent study, good working habits of more hands-on.

3. Establish a maintenance system for CNC equipment.
According to the type, model and actual practical situation of the machine tool, and referring to the requirements of the machine tool manual, it is very necessary to formulate and strictly formulate the daily maintenance system. Only in this way can the service life of the machine tool be effectively guaranteed.

4. Try to open the doors of CNC cabinets and power cabinets as little as possible.
Because it is easy for the gas containing oil mist and dust to enter the inside of the machine, causing components.