What is the specific role of inserts in the processing of injection molds?


1. Facilitate the processing and maintenance of injecti […]

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1. Facilitate the processing and maintenance of injection molds
The manufacturing process of injection molds is quite complicated. During the processing process, some parts with complex structures and special shapes are often encountered. These parts are difficult to process and are not easy to maintain. For these complex structures, the method of removing mold inserts can be used to reduce the difficulty of mold processing and maintenance.
2. Conducive to product molding and demoulding
If the product has deep ribs or other structures that are not easily formed, these structures are likely to cause defects such as filling dissatisfaction, scorching, etc. during molding. Disassembling the insert can effectively solve this problem. The gap around the mold insert can not only facilitate exhaust during molding, but also prevent the vacuum sticking phenomenon that may occur when the product is demolded.
3. Increase the strength of the injection mold
When a small area is inserted into a molded part such as a die or a slider, in order to increase the strength of the injection mold and increase the life of the injection mold, the inserted broken part can be disassembled into an insert to increase the strength of the injection mold.
4. Save materials and reduce costs
When molded parts such as mold cores or sliders have parts whose shape is much higher than other surfaces, or are not conducive to processing, the mold insert can be disassembled to save materials and reduce processing costs, otherwise the size will increase during preparation and processing will also take time Cost is a waste of cost.
5. Shorten the injection mold manufacturing cycle
When there is a deep bone in the cavity to be processed, it is convenient for processing. It can be disassembled into inserts for processing, which can shorten the processing time of the injection mold.