What are the requirements for injection mold design?


1. In-depth analysis of the structure of plastic parts […]

1. In-depth analysis of the structure of plastic parts and its technical requirements. The structure of the plastic part determines the complexity of the injection mold structure. The technical requirements of the plastic part (dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc.) determine the difficulty of the injection mold manufacturing and molding process, so there is no special requirement for plastic injection molding. , Unreasonable structural shapes, etc., should be proposed to improve the design of injection molded parts, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of injection mold design and manufacturing and injection molding process.

2. Familiar with the technical specifications of injection molding machines. The technical specifications of the injection molding machine restrict the size of the injection mold and the range of injection products that can be molded.

3. Understand the processing performance and process performance of plastics. Including the flow position of the plastic melt, the larger the flow distance ratio that the melt can achieve: analyze the flow resistance of the runner and the cavity, the original air discharge in the mold cavity, and the plastic may occur in the injection mold Crystallization, orientation and the internal stress caused by it, plastic cooling shrinkage and compensation problems, plastic's requirements for injection mold temperature, etc.

4. Consider the design and manufacture of injection molds, and mainly solve the following problems.
a. The structure of the injection mold should be selected reasonably.
b. The dimensions of injection moulded parts should be calculated correctly.
c. The designed injection mold should be easy to manufacture.
d. The designed injection mold should be efficient, safe and reliable.
e. The injection mould parts should be wear-resistant and durable.
f. The structure of the injection mould should be adapted to the moulding characteristics of the plastic.