What are the precautions for injection mold production?


① Shorten the opening stroke of the injection mold to t […]

① Shorten the opening stroke of the injection mold to the minimum necessary so that the parts and runners fall off;

② Exclude any factors that make ejection difficult, such as the flashing edge (Phi Feng) around the ejector pin;

③ shorten the ejection stroke to the necessary minimum;

④ Use the fastest mold opening and closing speed, and at the same time, stop and close slowly to prevent damage to the injection mold;

⑤ Look for all delays in mold closing and clamping pressure, which indicate failure of mechanical or hydraulic valves;

⑥ A large number of insert activities in the injection mold also increase the opening time of the injection mold. With a little consideration of product design (reduction of undercuts), ejection can often be automated or semi-automatic;

⑦If the delay is caused by the loss of the injection mold, it should be repaired to reduce the delay;

⑧ Developing good operating habits of injection molding machines is of great benefit to improving machine life and production safety.