How to prevent deformation during heat treatment of plastic molds (1)


(1) Select the appropriate steel material; for precisio […]

(1) Select the appropriate steel material; for precision and complex plastic molds, mold steel of good material should be selected. The mold steel used must have good cutting performance and toughness, and it is not easy to deform.
(2) The mold structure is designed reasonably, the wall thickness is uniform, and the shape is symmetrical. It is necessary to reserve machining allowance when designing. For large, precise and complex plastic molds, a combined structure can be adopted.
(3) It is necessary to perform heat treatment in advance for precision and complex plastic molds to eliminate residual stress generated during machining.
(4) Reasonably select the processing temperature and control the heating speed. For sophisticated plastic molds, slow heating, preheating, and other balanced heating methods can be used to reduce the heat treatment deformation of the mold.