How to effectively prevent mold rust


Precautions for rust prevention 1: Avoid placing the mo […]

Precautions for rust prevention 1: Avoid placing the mold in the wet ring. The ancients said it was good. The same is true for the mold if it is placed in a damp place for a long time, no matter how good the rust inhibitor is, it will eventually cause the mold to rust. Therefore, when we remove the mold from the injection molding machine, we must pay attention to the storage environment. It is best to choose a dry and ventilated mold rack, so you don't have to worry about the mold rusting after long storage.
Note 2: Anti-rust can be used after cooling down. The rust agent was sprayed before the mold was cooled down, and the mold rusted after a few days. The reason is that before the mold returns to temperature, it will absorb the moisture in the rust inhibitor, which will cause signs of rust. The best way is to wait for the mold to cool down naturally, and then use the mold rust inhibitor after cooling down.
Precautions for rust prevention 3: Use long-term rust prevention. There are many anti-rust agents, anti-rust oils, and anti-rust powders on the market. However, long-term rust inhibitors are professional mold rust inhibitors, and the general rust prevention cycle is one to three years. It can effectively protect the mold safety of the factory and reduce unnecessary losses.