How to avoid damage during plastic mold processing


1. Reasonable design of plastic mold structure In the c […]

1. Reasonable design of plastic mold structure
In the case of meeting the requirements for the use of plastic molds, the structure should be as simple as possible to facilitate molding. The wall thickness is as uniform as possible to avoid stress and deform the plastic parts.

2. The best heat treatment process
Under the condition that the plastic mold structure, materials and use conditions are unchanged, the quality of heat treatment is guaranteed. The use of the best heat treatment process is the key to fully utilizing the potential of plastic mold materials and extending the service life of the mold. Improper heat treatment can not only improve the original defects. Instead, it will damage the plastic mold material properties and shorten the service life of the plastic mold. Therefore, the heat treatment process in the processing of plastic molds has a crucial impact on the life and quality of plastic molds.

3. Strict manufacturing process control
From drawing review-material preparation-processing-mold processing-core processing-electrode processing-mold parts processing-inspection-assembly-flying mold-test mold-production, quality inspection at each link, strict control of each process in the process To ensure continuous and stable production.