Exhaust system of injection mold


1. Compression of the gas in the cavity of the injectio […]

1. Compression of the gas in the cavity of the injection mold will generate a large back pressure, which prevents the molten material from filling the mold normally. At the same time, the heat generated by the gas compression may scorch the plastic.

2. In the case of high mold filling speed, high temperature, low material viscosity, high injection pressure and too thick plastic parts, the gas will penetrate into the plastic parts under a certain degree of compression, causing defects such as porosity and loose tissue.
1) It should be set as far as possible on the parting surface and as far as possible at the die.
2) Try to set it at the end of the stream and the wall thickness of the plastic part.
3) The exhaust direction should not face the operator, and it is best to be curved to prevent burns during injection.
4) It is advisable that the plastic does not enter the exhaust slot, that is, it should be smaller than the non-overflow gap of the plastic.