Injection molding machine works:    The injection moldi […]

Injection molding machine works:
   The injection molding machine is called a plastic injection molding machine.
   Injection molding is an important molding method for processing thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various plastic products.
   Thermoplastics include: polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and ABS polycarbonate. Thermoset plastics include bakelite and the like.
   The thermoplastic injection molding machine uniformly plasticizes the plastic into a molten state, and injects a certain amount of the dissolved material into the cavity at a sufficient pressure and speed, and forms a variety of plastic products by pressure-holding and cooling.

   Injection molding process:
     1. Solid plastic small particles dissolve in the hopper of the molding machine...
     2. ...and then squeezed into a mold...
     3. The mold consists of two halves with small holes inside. The hollow shape of each hole is the shape to be made.
     4. ...dissolved plastic is injected into the hollow hole...
     5. ...the plastic re-condenses into a solid after cooling...
     6. ...formed plastic is sent out...
     7. ... Trimming and transporting as needed.