The heat treatment process plays a decisive role in the […]

The heat treatment process plays a decisive role in the quality of the mold, but 50% failure rate is an extremely embarrassing data for all heat treatment industry. How to effectively improve this relatively large number, the industry needs to face a very real problem, involving the mold manufacturers, steel suppliers, processing companies and other vital interests, if the companies continue to take advantage of the future market system, If they are in power, then this data will continue to expand and the industry's bad conditions will continue to deteriorate.
 The direct influence of the heat treatment process on the mold performance is mainly changed: the manufacturing precision of the mold: the unevenness of the microstructure transformation and the excessive residual stress caused by the heat treatment cause the processing of the mold after heat treatment, the deformation during assembly and the use of the mold, thereby reducing The precision of the mold is even scrapped.
Its specific performance is:
First, affect the strength of the mold:
 Second, the unreasonable structure caused by heat treatment, excessive grain size, etc., leading to the decline of main properties such as mold toughness, hot and cold fatigue performance, anti-wear performance, etc., affecting the working life of the mold.
 Third, restricting the manufacturing cost of the mold: as the intermediate or final process of the mold manufacturing process, the cracking, deformation and poor performance caused by the heat treatment, in most cases, the mold will be scrapped, even if it can be used through repair. It will also increase working hours, extend delivery time, and increase the manufacturing cost of the mold. In the case of mold steel, heat treatment can effectively change the mechanism of the surface of the mold steel, as well as the internal organization, so that it is suitable for the production needs of various types of molds. The quality of the die steel is different, the method of heat treatment is different, and the effect is different. If the heat treatment process does not meet the specified requirements, it will reduce the performance of the mold steel in terms of toughness, steel, wear resistance, etc., causing internal quality changes of the steel. In contrast, high-level heat treatment technology can improve the performance of mold steel, making it more suitable for the material needs of various mold products, ensuring a high-precision, high-life mold, requiring high-quality steel and high-level heat treatment. The combination of processes.
 To change the current status quo, the heat treatment industry needs to start from many aspects. First of all, it is to increase the structural adjustment of the heat treatment industry. Specialized heat treatment plants should step up product structure adjustment, strengthen technological transformation, actively develop new products, improve product technology grades, and create high-level brand-name products with independent intellectual property rights according to market needs and foreign advanced technology standards as well as their own technological advantages. Improve market competitiveness and gradually form a high-level specialized chemical plant with distinctive technical characteristics. Relevant government departments should adopt a more accommodative policy to support the transformation of state-owned and collective heat-treating enterprises, support private heat-treating enterprises with obvious technological advantages, support technological transformation of enterprises, guide enterprises to purchase advanced heat-treating technology and equipment, and provide subsidies and loans. As soon as possible, China's heat treatment specialized production scale and system will be formed.
 Second, strengthen the internal management of the industry and enterprises, and regulate the market order. China Thermal Association should gradually establish and improve rules and regulations, regulate market order, adhere to equal competition, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises; assist enterprises in quality management and certification consulting and personnel training, so that there are more enterprises in the heat treatment industry. To achieve international standard certification, improve the competitiveness of enterprises; guide a group of enterprises to take the path of scientific development, and gradually form the core backbone of China's heat treatment industry.
 Finally, we must increase investment in science and technology and support technological innovation. It is recommended that the state, society and enterprises should invest in the three parties. Under the active participation of heat treatment industry organizations and universities and research institutes, we will support the establishment of science and technology service centers, such as heat treatment engineering technology centers, heat treatment quality testing centers, heat treatment education and training centers, and heat treatment. Information service and information center.
 Continue to carry out industry research, timely grasp the rapid changes in industry development, establish and improve industry archives, gradually improve and enrich industry information systems and websites, and gradually release the economic and technological development trends and information of the machinery industry and heat treatment industry to the industry on a regular basis. Market analysis and forecast, and timely report to the relevant government departments, corporate opinions, recommendations and requirements.
 Die steel enterprises also need to continuously improve their quality, expand the application of mold steel, and save the best. At the same time, we will selectively develop advanced mold steels and improve China's mold steel series. In recent years, the amount of domestic die steel has increased year by year, and the import volume of foreign die steel accounts for 1/3 of the demand for die steel, and it is gradually increasing. The main reason is that the domestic mold steel has fewer varieties and specifications, and the degree of commercialization of mold steel distribution is low. The promotion quantity and application range of domestic new steel are not large enough, and Chinese steel producers are not suitable for this commodity market mechanism. The failure of the mold and the shortening of the service life, etc., according to more than 50% of the investigation, the heat treatment process is not inferior. It can be seen that the heat treatment process plays a role in ensuring mold manufacturing precision, reducing manufacturing cost, improving product strength, and prolonging service life. Great effect. The quality of the mold steel greatly affects and restricts the precise application of the heat treatment technology, so that the heat treatment can not exert its maximum effect, and finally the quality of the mold is uneven.